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Saturday, October 9, 2021 - 9:00 AM

Have you ever seen 'Forged in Fire'? Well, don't just WATCH it -- why not DO IT?

Attendees will make their very own knife, harden and temper it.

This workshop will be presented by the experienced and talented Dennis Neubauer, who is widely known for his forging workshops.

We will begin at 9am. The ending time is scheduled for 5pm, but we expect to finish earlier.

We will be working with hot metal; attendees should dress appropriately. Leather gloves and apron are not required, but you may bring them if you have them available and wish to do so. We have a limited quantity of safety glasses and hearing protection available; attendees may bring their own if they wish.

Cost: $45.00 (non-members) / $25.00 (members)

With the increase in levels of the Delta variant of Covid-19, and the resulting state mandates, we are limiting the number of classes and other events that we offer. We look forward to things returning to "normal," and having more events on our calendar. Please stay safe and exercise appropriate precautions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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