This workshop will be a brief introduction to using the vinyl cutter at Rockford MakerSpace, and will include a very brief overview of vector-based drawing programs and the vinyl cutter hardware itself. The workshop should last somewhere between one and three hours (depending on number of attendees), and attendance is limited.

The workshop fee includes the training and course materials, one square foot of vinyl material, and use of the vinyl cutter hardware and software during the workshop. Each attendee will be taking home one or more creations, either of their own design or chosen from many pre-existing designs available. Payment may be cash or PayPal.

Note that Rockford MakerSpace membership is NOT required to use the vinyl cutter during this workshop, but may be required to do so outside of the workshop. Visit our wiki for membership information.

Note: Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

NOTICE: This event has already happened. Please see our other events for other dates.