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This workshop is a comprehensive introduction to OpenSCAD, free solid-modelling software available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix systems.

OpenSCAD is something like a 3D-compiler that reads in a human-readable script file that specifies geometric primitives (such as spheres, boxes, cylinders, etc.) and defines how they are modified and combined to render a 3D model. This gives you full control over the modelling process, and enables you to easily change any step in the process or make designs that are defined by configurable parameters.

Participants in this workshop will learn how to install and use OpenSCAD to create solid models, exportable in STL format for 3D printing.

Note: Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Also note that this is a programming language, not a drawing program. It requires understanding of some basic math and geometry concepts that may be better understood by middle- or upper-school students.

NOTICE: This event has already happened. Please see our other events for other dates.